25 Park Place, New York, NY 10007

153 West 29th Street, New York, NY


New Members join for $165
Includes Gloves & Hand Wraps


25 park place

Church Street Boxing started at our 25 Park Place location. Train at our historic home facility. Sign up for a free trial now.

153 29th STREET

Church Street Boxing’s Chelsea location is our newest gym. Find it at 153 W 29th. Sign up for classes at our Chelsea location today.



Learn proper boxing techniques by practicing stance, footwork, blocking, and throwing hard punches. Our courses are available to all levels of experience.

Muay thai

Master the art of eight limbs by learning to strike with your fist, elbow, shin, and knees with our Muay Thai expert coaches.

Mask Group 25-min

Kids boxing

Our Youth Specialty coaches are dedicated to teach self-defense and discipline through exercises. The program fosters self-confidence in participating kids.

Private lessons

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Fitness boot camp

The Boot Camp Program creates a challenging and varied workout to impropve strength, flexibility, and agility. The community fosters authentic camarederie.


Chris Cugliari
This place is everything a gym should be. Although I left NYC two years ago, I spent a significant amount of time at Church St. during my 5 years there and it became a second home for me. People from all over the world, with diverse experiences, careers, etc., all came together with a single goal of making each other better. Jayo, Kalief, Nico, etc. have become brothers to me. Thanks to everyone who helps make this place the best gym in the country.
Gabriel A.
I just started here. I’ve never boxed at any gym ever. And although I’m surrounded by tons of experienced people, I’ve never felt left out. If you’re thinking about joining, at least go visit one of the gyms and see how non-corporate, down-to-earth the facilities are. It’ll be worth your time. 🥊
Saane Green
Lovely staff and trainers. The environment is very welcoming and friendly 🙂 The instructors are very knowledgeable in their fields and the classes are amazing!
Wanyu Cho
The gym is fantastic. I went to 15-20 classes and I was pushed to the limit each one. The instructors are all professionals with great personalities. The classes are usually small enough so that the instructor can walk around and give individual criticism for each student. I always felt great after the class and always looked forward to it. I'd recommend the gym to anyone.
Samantha Hing
Grimey, no bs, no gimmicks fighting gym. For the Muay Thai class, I like that there are about as many women as men. The coach gave me feedback on my kicks and stances as I went through the workout. And while it was painful, I want to do it again!
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