Church Street Boxing provides a wide variety of classes and levels from novice to expert, to match you and your goals


Learn proper boxing techniques by practicing stance, footwork, blocking, and throwing hard punches. Our courses are available to all levels of experience.

Muay thai

Master the art of eight limbs by learning to strike with your fist, elbow, shin, and knees with our Muay Thai expert coaches.

Kids boxing

Our Youth Specialty coaches are dedicated to teach self-defense and discipline through exercises. The program fosters self-confidence in participating kids. Mauris suscipit at augue at mattis.

Fitness boot camp

The Boot Camp Program creates a challenging and varied workout to impropve strength, flexibility, and agility. The community fosters authentic camarederie.

Classes levels

Church Street classes are broken down into two levels by experience required to participate.

All levels


No experience necessary. Class is equal parts basic instruction (punches, combinations, footwork, ducking and slipping) and intense conditioning. This is where beginners learn the fundamentals and more experienced members get back to basics. Everyone gets a non-stop plyometric workout that burns about 800 calories.

Members must receive approval from a Church Street coach before they are allowed to participate. Focus on real-time application and implementation includes supervised sparring (safety equipment, available for loan, must be worn) and freestyle drills. These classes are not for fighters only! They are for any member interested in putting everything they’ve learned together in a safe, controlled setting. Cardio typically includes three rounds of warm up exercises, such as shadowboxing or jumping rope.


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