“Highly intensive workout! Spent 30 minutes warming up with various squats, sits, crawls, jumps, and cardio. The last 30 minutes spent learning how to jab and cross. Recommend to those who want to learn boxing basics!”

Michelle L.


“THE BEST. I’m a professional fighter and it is hard to find real boxing gyms but church street boxing it is just the ‘BEST’ not only to pro fighters but also for amateurs, beginners and people that just love to workout great aura great people.”

Martinez I


“I have been member for about 5 months now. And I absolutely love it. The trainers are super chill and easy to get along with. The people who come here are extremely friendly. The front desk staff are all so nice. I’m especially thankful Demetri because he is literally one of the main reasons I decided to stick with this gym… Thanks Demetri~ If it weren’t for you, I may never have signed up for a membership and I would have completely missed out on all the wonderful people and community you got here.”

Tink K.



What you should know before contacting us and throwing your first punch 🥊

I’ve never done anything like this before. Is experience required?

No, not at all. Most of our members start with little to no experience. While our programs are designed by experienced fighters, we understand that many of our members are just looking to get in great shape.

Is it mostly men training there or are there female members as well?

About half of our members are women. Church Street takes pride in the strong sense of camaraderie and community we’ve created at our gym. Regardless of your sex, age, or skill level, you’ll always feel safe and welcome.

Is sparring/contact required?

No, absolutely not. Most of our members elect not to participate in full contact drills. Those that do are closely supervised. Safety is our primary goal.

I would like to compete. Do you have a competition team?

Yes, we do. Ever year we field a team of boxers for tournaments such as the Golden Gloves. We also hold our own USA Boxing-endorsed events.

Is there a limit to how many classes I can take per day with the All Access Membership?

No. Beginners can take as many All Level classes as they’d like. Once they’ve learned the basics, they are free to take unlimited Intermediate and Advanced classes as well. The only rules are that you get to class on time and ready to work hard.


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From a single Day Pass to All Access Memberships, regardless of your fitness or experience level, we’ve got something for you. For more information about the various membership options that we offer, check out our "Membership FAQ" located here). We know you will love Church Street Boxing so why not come down for Book a Class


Step in the ring, throw your first punches, and get a feel of an authentic fight club.