25 Park Place

25 Park Place is our underground fight club where the story of our community and its strong bond originated. A reminder of our roots where we began to teach people to face their challenges. 

Address : 25 Park Place New York City, NY, 10007

Phone : (212) 571-1333

Hours : Weekdays 6am – 9:30pm | Saturday 9am – 4pm | Sunday 9am – 1pm

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52 Walker Street

Address : 52 Walker Street New York City, NY, 10013

52 Walker street is our second chapter, located at the heart of Tribeca,  on the second floor. This is where members can look out to the world through our windows and picture their fights beyond Church Street Boxing’s training grounds, and allow more classes to happen simultaneously.

Phone : (212) 343-2900

Hours : Weekdays 6am – 9pm | Saturday 9am – 3pm | Sunday CLOSED

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153 W 29th

Address : 153 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

Our newest location fits into the continuously developing neighborhood of Chelsea, where we have expanded our community. This is our first ground floor facility. Enjoy the many great restaurants with health conscious ingredients and the luxury aesthetic in the mid-town area, to unwind after rigorous training.

Phone : (646) 368-9260

Hours : Weekdays 6am – 9:00pm | Saturday 9am – 3pm | Sunday 9am – 1pm

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I’ve never done anything like this before. Is experience required?

No, not at all. Most of our members start with little to no experience. While our programs are designed by experienced fighters, we understand that many of our members are just looking to get in great shape.

Is it mostly men training there or are there female members as well?

About half of our members are women. Church Street takes pride in the strong sense of camaraderie and community we’ve created at our gym. Regardless of your sex, age, or skill level, you’ll always feel safe and welcome.

Is sparring/contact required?

No, absolutely not. Most of our members elect not to participate in full contact drills. Those that do are closely supervised. Safety is our primary goal.

I would like to compete. Do you have a competition team?

Yes, we do. Ever year we field a team of boxers for tournaments such as the Golden Gloves. We also hold our own USA Boxing-endorsed events.

Is there a limit to how many classes I can take per day with the All Access Membership?

No. Beginners can take as many All Level classes as they’d like. Once they’ve learned the basics, they are free to take unlimited Intermediate and Advanced classes as well. The only rules are that you get to class on time and ready to work hard.