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Strengthen your endurance, strength, power, speed, and agility by becoming a boxing expert by mastering stance, footwork, blocking, and throwing hard punches. Our boxing course begins with a warm up for all participants before interval training against bags and pads. Beginners will learn the basic techniques and perfect their movements with instructors. Advanced boxers have the opportunity to be engaged in staff administered sparring sessions to get a real feel of boxing while receiving feedback and encouragement.


Church Street classes are broken down into three levels by experience required to participate.

All Levels – No experience necessary.  Class is equal parts basic instruction (punches, combinations, footwork, ducking and slipping) and intense conditioning.  This is where beginners learn the fundamentals and more experienced members get back to basics.  Everyone gets a non-stop plyometric workout that burns about 800 calories.

Intermediate – Some experience recommended.  Greater individual attention and emphasis on technique.  “Live” drills – members pair up and practice what they’ve learned on each other – and light contact.  Roughly one-third of the class will be spent on plyometrics and core-conditioning.

Advanced – Members must receive approval from a Church Street coach before they are allowed to participate. Focus on real-time application and implementation includes supervised sparring (safety equipment, available for loan, must be worn) and freestyle drills. These classes are not for fighters only!  They are for any member interested in putting everything they’ve learned together in a safe, controlled setting.  Cardio typically includes three rounds of warm up exercises, such as shadowboxing or jumping rope.

Muay Thai

Boot Camps

Our intense boot camp training extends the strength and speed training with aerobics, honing flexibility in a challenging and varied workout. Expect both full body motion intense exercises like spider steps and burpees balanced with light exercises like jumping jacks. Our boot camp community fosters a strong sense of camaraderie to uplift one another through the strenuous exercises.

Trainers with a specialty in youth instruction teach self-defense and discipline through the use of drills and activities aimed at increasing their skills and self-confidence.

The program is 10 weeks long and open to children 7 to 12 years old.  Children under 10 years old, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Classes are offered 5 times per week:  4pm Monday through Thursday at our Walker Street location, and 11am Saturday at our Park Place location.

For details about joining the next session, please send an email to and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

Kids Boxing

Private Lesson

Private lessons are encouraged for those seeking fast results, develop exercise habits, and reduce the chance of injuries. Our one on one training provides an instructor who will help you beat down workout plateaus so that you don’t fall behind on your own fitness goals. With guidance and motivation, you’ll be able to train beyond toning up and shedding weight, but also condition to FIGHT BACK against life’s various challenges.


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From a single Day Pass to All Access Memberships, regardless of your fitness or experience level, we’ve got something for you. For more information about the various membership options that we offer, check out our "Membership FAQ" located here). We know you will love Church Street Boxing so why not come down for Book a Class


Step in the ring, throw your first punches, and get a feel of an authentic fight club.